Stationery & Adhesive

Our polyester glitter powder has the metal flashing texture, make ornamental convex-level, three-dimensional feeling. With its flashing metallic features, the stationery add more brilliant colors and become more eye-catching .Our ultra high temperature & bright Series glitter powder characters are super resistance to acid and alkali; Available for long-term immersion in strong acid and strong [...]


Our polyester glitter powder has the metal flashing textures. Our glitter powders are 100% friendly and non-toxic ,have all the certifications for global compliance. Safe and chemical free has been our priority since we stepped into this business .

Screen printing

We provide good quality glitter powder for silk screen printing, supply to global fabric and textile clients for many years. Our fine glitter powder add more sparkles and diverse for fashion industry.

Plastic Ornament

Our aluminum glitter powder is a great choice for adding more sparkles for plastic ornaments, its super resistance to high temperature up to 250 degree and resistance to acid and alkali;

Glass & building materials

Our glitter powder is wildly used in glass industry and building materials. It able to bring more diverse for life styles and home decor. Such as glitter wallpapers, glitter tile and glitter mosaic ETC.

Christmas arts

We are one of the most reliable glitter supplier for Christmas arts and crafts in China, our glitter powder able to bring out the delightful environment for Christmas decors everyone deserves a glittering and sparkle festival!

Greeting cards& packaging

Our glitter powder make the greeting cards more sincerity and precious, Its various color allow it to be printed in every way. We believe add some glitter in your life,everything goes better!

DIY activities

We supply DIY glitter powders in bottles and in bulk for our global clients, DIY small things around make your life more colorful and shiny, great for kids activities.