Things you can create by using DIY glitter powders in your life!

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Things you can create by using DIY glitter powders in your life!

In the past, we make everything by our hands, at that time, automation was rare, while today we are surrounded by mass production products everywhere, then the handmade stuff become rare. handmade stuff is leading the trend again, many of us used to know how to make plenty of crafts when we were little. time pass by, we get used to typing a letter via keyboard, get used to buying a gift in a shop, get used to receive or send the same products we get in the shops.聽

Today we want to introduce you how to use our DIY glitter powders to redecorate your life again!

1st, you can easily buy craft DIY glitter powder in the can find them in many craft stores. there are many types. big ones, small ones, pick one that you think that would be able to use for your DIY glitter powder activities.聽

DIY glitter powder, glitter for kids activities聽 聽 聽glitter powder for DIY activities

2nd, You can check what are the things in your home that you would like to add color. you can mix the glitter with glue, or you can directly buy the glue glitter for activities. DIY by yourself, you are able to mix the color you want.聽

How would you like a glitter coffee cup to start your fresh morning?

DIY glitter powder cup

or if you need a new paint in your study room, how about creating one by yourself as this one?

DIY glitter powder paint


life is full of beauty as long as you are willing to discover it. even for these leaves. you can change them into something beautiful.聽

DIY glitter powder leaves for room decor

We got many clients that especially focus on customized business. they like to create a different version based on the consumer products. such as this tumblers. you can buy an ordinary tumbler in the shop, or you use DIY glitter powder create a Unique one, send it as gifts for your beloved ones. I am sure this gift will be more meaningful.聽

DIY glitter powder for tumblers

we will introduce more DIY glitter powders function in our future posts, use your imagination and creativities to make more glitter objects around you. We are a glitter powder factory in China, that exported many DIY glitter powders to U.S and Europe. if you are a wholesaler importer or a retailer owner, Please feel free to contact us. . thanks .聽



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