How to find a qualified cosmetic glitter powder supplier in China?

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How to find a qualified cosmetic glitter powder supplier in China?

Glitter plays a very important role for cosmetic industry, imagine what will be if there is no glitter in your makeup. that would be a disaster ever for the girls. you may ask what about the makeup before the 20th century? I guess back then people would simply use colorful powder as makeup pigments, but from what I learned is around 1950, there was small percentage cosmetic manufacturers started to add glitters into the makeup products. and it gets popular globally rapidly. back then for the market and users, they don’t have so much requirement for the makeup products, as the society develops, 聽relative laws have been issued to protect our health. we all know that we would apply the cosmetics directly to our skin,聽if there is any toxic to be found inside the makeup. it will harm our body directly as our physiology system won’t be able to remove them easily. For the cosmetic manufacturers to find a qualified cosmetic glitter powder supplier in China becomes extremely important.

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There are many glitter powder suppliers in China, 聽many claims that they produce cosmetic glitter, but do you know what are the requirements to be cosmetic grade glitter? In order to serve our clients better, I would like to list the requirements via here.聽

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For U.S market, for cosmetics products must pass the test called ASTM F963-11, The ASTM F963-11 version became mandatory by the US CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) rule on June 12, 2012. 聽the products that passed this test聽means there is no Toxic pigment included.In order to let all of you know exactly what I am talking about.Click here to see our cosmetic glitter powder testing report. besides this test, we also have the test of聽SGS, ASTMD4236, REACH, EN71-3_19.

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most of the time we will send our products to get tested before we ship our goods, we understand how important that is to protect our clients and our business. especially we supply glitters for many cosmetic manufacturers. many of our clients are in North American and Europe. for developed countries, they have really strict requirements for the cosmetic grade products. to maintain our long-term business relationship with our valuable clients, Our factory follows strictly as their laws and deliver the qualified glitters.聽

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If you still have more questions about cosmetics glitters, please feel free to contact us at thanks.聽

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