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Biodegradable glitters ready for global market.

Marine pollution is a growing problem, and countries around the world are enacting new laws to reduce the pollution caused by plastic products. The queen announced a total ban on the use of plastic products in the UK market in 2017, followed by Australia and New Zealand. Our company is committed to the development of [...]

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New embossing powder collection is ready for global market

It has been a while since we update our blog, it has been crazy busy recently all the production team and the marketing team. it is busy season. this year, we decide to expand our embossing powder collection for oversea clients. besides all the basic colors, this year, besides the basic 9  colors. see below [...]

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DIY glitter jars and glitter shakers supplier from China-Percolour

Since last year our factory got verified by Sedex and Wal-mart, we've brought new production line to producing the glitter shakers and glitter jar series for oversea market, right now our mainly target still focus on North America and Europe. our R&D service allow us to offer many types of glitter shaker sets and different [...]

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Paper craft products are ready for oversea market-embossing kit series

Percolour is the No. embossing powder supplier in China, we have a big range of embossing kit series and brother products for paper craft industries. with the resourceful packaging suppliers in China, we are able to offer multiple combinations for different inquiries. below are some products photos we did for our Europe clients. This is [...]

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4 tips about how to find a good embossing powder supplier in China!

When we talk about DIY craft, we have to mention embossing powders. most of the embossing powders are manufactured in U.S.A. as many few factories in China able to supply embossing powders. for us, we are the top one in China that have almost full colors of embossing powders. embossing powder mostly we can divide [...]

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How to find a qualified cosmetic glitter powder supplier in China?

Glitter plays a very important role for cosmetic industry, imagine what will be if there is no glitter in your makeup. that would be a disaster ever for the girls. you may ask what about the makeup before the 20th century? I guess back then people would simply use colorful powder as makeup pigments, but [...]

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Things you can create by using DIY glitter powders in your life!

In the past, we make everything by our hands, at that time, automation was rare, while today we are surrounded by mass production products everywhere, then the handmade stuff become rare. handmade stuff is leading the trend again, many of us used to know how to make plenty of crafts when we were little. time [...]