4 tips about how to find a good embossing powder supplier in China!

//4 tips about how to find a good embossing powder supplier in China!

4 tips about how to find a good embossing powder supplier in China!

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When we talk about DIY craft, we have to mention embossing powders. most of the embossing powders are manufactured in U.S.A. as many few factories in China able to supply embossing powders. for us, we are the top one in China that have almost full colors of embossing powders. embossing powder mostly we can divide them into three type.聽聽crystal clear,聽Transparent multi colors,聽聽solid multi colors. from its name, you would know that it will create embossing effect. 聽mostly used in paper printing industry. such as name cards, hang tags, greeting cards etc. 聽in order to find a good embossing powder supplier in China, you need to know the following.聽

embossing powder supplier in China

  1. You need to check if they are factories. as I mentioned many times. that we have our own factory in Dong Guan that able to produce all our products, we can supply embossing powder in bottles/jars/in bulk. all according to clients requirements.聽

embossing powder China supplier

聽 聽 聽2.If they provide various colors, many embossing powder suppliers in China, they can only provide few colors, but for us, we are able to provide almost the full set colors of embossing powders, no matter you are running a wholesale business or retail business. we are able to customize your own brand for you.聽

embossing powder china manufacturer

聽 聽 3.If they are able to export to outside China. for powders are sensitive聽products, you can’t make orders with the cheapest supplier you find. as they are suppliers in China, they don’t even have a certification for running this type of business. for embossing powder to ship out from China, we will provide our clients certification and test report. to make sure that they have no trouble of declaring the goods in destination port.

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4.If they can offer you more side products of embossing powder, as we all know for DIY craft, you can’t make a beautiful greeting cards with only powders, you would need embossing powder, ink pads, all type of embossing mold, heat guns, in this way, you would be able to create an unforgettable beautiful DIY cards. we’ve developed our production line, and able to provide all those products as set to our clients.聽

embossing set

So far I think that are the necessary condition for all the embossing powder importers or retails to find a good embossing powder supplier in China, If you would like to know more information about DIY embossing powders, please feel free to contact us at info@percolour.com. thanks. 聽聽

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