DIY glitter jars and glitter shakers supplier from China-Percolour

//DIY glitter jars and glitter shakers supplier from China-Percolour

DIY glitter jars and glitter shakers supplier from China-Percolour

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Since last year our factory got verified by Sedex and Wal-mart, we’ve brought new production line to producing the glitter shakers and glitter jar series for oversea market, right now our mainly target still focus on North America and Europe. our R&D service allow us to offer many types of glitter shaker sets and different volume of glitter jars. for example, the most popular glitter shaker sets would be this 24 glitter shaker set, many famous brand favor this product for its multiple options. it contains 24 metallic colors with a shaker lid, easy for carrying around and makes a great kit for DIY activities.

24 glitter set China supplier, glitter shakers  glitter shakers china factory


there are many other combinations of glitter shaker sets, we can add glitter glue into this kit, attach the kit that we developed for our Europe client. to protect client’s supplier information, the final version color box won’t be able to share with all the viewers. but we can certainly make your own design color box.

glitter shaker with glue from China factory            Glitter shaker with glue set china supplier


we can make not only 24 glitter shaker set, but also 40 glitter shaker set, as a glitter manufacturer in China, we can OEM many types of products according to clients request. attach a photo for your reference.

40 glitter set China supplier

besides offering the glitter shakers in kit, we can also offer the glitter shakers in bulk, we had client ordered glitter in 30 ml bottles. it is mainly for B2C platform. attach few mass production photos for your reference.

30ML glitter China supplier      30ML glitter jars China supplier


There are many other types of packaging regarding for glitter shaker and glitter jars, attach the most popular packing photos for your reference.

glitter shaker&jar


Should you be interested in any new products development, please feel free to contact us. our email is looking forward to hearing from you. thanks for reading.


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