New embossing powder collection is ready for global market

//New embossing powder collection is ready for global market

New embossing powder collection is ready for global market

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It has been a while since we update our blog, it has been crazy busy recently all the production team and the marketing team. it is busy season. this year, we decide to expand our embossing powder collection for oversea clients.

besides all the basic colors, this year, besides the basic 9  colors. see below photos for your reference.

Embossing powder basic series

we add another 9 colors for global market, with those new 9 collection, i believe it would give your more diversity and choices when make your DIY cards or accessories.


embossing powder China supplier

for those new 9 embossing powders, we also listed the most close Pantone code for your reference.

for example, for EMP212A  courtyard green,  can refer to Pantone code 363C. attach a photo for your reference.  this green is great for spring grass or forest theme.

green embossing powder China factory

as for the ME 309A kettle copper embossing powder, it is very close to 7603C. attach the photos for your reference

copper embossing powder china supplier

For the EPM 208A epaulette blue, the close pantone code is 7694C, attach a photo for your reference.

epaulette blue embossing powder

for the ME311A helmatite gunmetal , it is very close to 431C

ME311A helmatite gunmetal embossing powder

for the EP161A, enhanced pearl carnelia, the most close color is Pantone bright red c

enhanced pearl carnelia embossing powder

for CA516a Aqua curacao, it can refer to pantone color 325C

CA516a-Aqua-curacao embossing powder

for CA518A tutti frutti, it can refer to color 709C.

CA518A tutti frutti embossing powder china supplier

for EMP 207A grand voilet, it refers to color 3566C

EMP 207A grand voilet embossing powder


for EMP206A Fabulous fuchsia, it refers to color 2612C

EMP206A Fabulous fuchsia embossing powder china supplier

for all the clients, should you in need of any sample or new products development, please feel free to get in touch with us. our contact email is  thanks.


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